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Sisters Mung and Minh, owners of  Pho Cam Ly, chose this name after the Cam Ly waterfall 2km outside the city of Da Lat where they were born and raised. They did so in remembrance of the beauty and peacefulness of their home so far away.

Upon leaving Da Lat, Mung spent the next 30 years as a banker in Switzerland before retiring and moving to Louisiana to reunite with sister Minh and family.

As a single mother, Minh migrated to the U. S. in 2003 in search of a brighter future for her two sons. After a decade of struggling in the Pho business despite being a single mother with a language barrier, Minh has made a place of her own and can hold her head high knowing she is teaching her boys how to become men through hard work and determination. The sisters attribute their success to the love and support of family and friends. 

Mung and Minh invite you to experience authentic Pho while dinning in an atmosphere that reminds them of home.

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   Pho Cam Ly

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